The iPhone 4S: An Outside Perspective of its Features!

The iPhone 4S is one of the most sought-after technological gadgets in the world because Apple’s trend of churning out incredible pieces of tech wizardry refuses to cease, The iPhone 4S boasts of multiple features which are sure to provoke gasps more than once.

Here are some of the salient features of having an iPhone 4S:
  • Two cores in the A5 chip means that the power is two times and graphics are up to seven times than that of its predecessor. The effects are there to see. iPhone Apps Development is fantastically fast and great to operate since it helps in quick launch of apps, web browsing, and nearly everything. The A5 chip is also extremely power-efficient and hence the smartphone has a huge battery life.
  • With the newly designed optics, iPhone has the only camera that you need instead of a point-and-shoot cam. The iPhone 4S boasts of an incredible 8-megapixel resolution and an additional custom lens which has a large f/2.4 aperture. The phone also has a backside illumination sensor, and marvelous color accuracy, face detection etc. It has a feature which reduces overall motion blurring irrespective of how much light and how much action you capture.
  • One can even shoot stunning 1080p HD video since with the latest optics, the color is always vivid. It is also easy to edit video directly and share it through some social media platform without having to wait for connecting with the Internet through your PC!
  • iCloud is easy for management of your information including your photos, apps, mail messages, contacts, and the like. One can easily transfer the same through wireless connectivity.
  • The Retina display is just superb since the highest-resolution is superb to say the least. Also, human eyes are unable to distinguish any amount of individual pixels. The best part of the iPhone UI is its graphic detailing and well crafted images.
  • FaceTime lets you hear voices and also a face which says those words. Making a FaceTime call is also as simple as making an average phone call.
  • The apps that come pre-built into the iPhone are devoid of many features but one can easily search out the App Store to find many other utilities or similar ones with a cheaper price. The App store is like a treasure trove and all authorized personnel are given access too.
  • The iPhone 4S also has a easy-to-use interface and a set of amazing features thanks to its foundation which is iOS 5.
  • It is the first phone to switch between two antennas for better calling options. The normal HSDPA data speeds have crossed about 14.4 Mbps which actually means that there are faster connections, quicker loading and reloading along with faster downloads.
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