Mobile App Development with iPhone and Android Expected to Blow out Competition

The demand for mobile developers is high and the recruiting environment for software development professionals has been extremely good. IT teams are in huge demand since they play important roles in achieving client goals. Investment in technology is important for meeting the drastically increasing demand on software professionals.

Hiring managers are searching for mobile app developers more than ever since the demand has quadrupled over the last year as companies are willing to boost their spending on IT for meeting their goals. Jobs for software professionals are many but only the competent ones land on them.

The analysis of the best platform has been debatable but going on in the US. According to a report, the shortage of iPhone application developer has affected several companies. The shrinking number of professionals is mostly due to the fact that they are inexperienced and the second part is that they are confused about the mobile app platform that they should specialize in. Software development professionals are also very much concerned about the reducing remuneration though iPhone developers are always in demand.

Talking about the features of the iPhone, the UI is exceptional and the software is seamless. There are several iPhone versions with one released every year. The storage capacity varies for every model and the rate differs likewise.

Android on the other hand is one of the consistent performers in the mobile app world and there are many incredible smartphones which run on this platform. Android owners have different carriers and referred to, as Droids. The phones are of different configurations, memory and sizes.

Apps constitute the most important part of both platforms and are cited as the primary reason why many people opt for smartphones. Apple's App Store has a huge store of apps and games and also is the biggest market of apps in the world with the Android OS closely vying for the top spot. Apple is relatively strict in the apps that pass through its scanner.

Alternatively, Android emphasizes on "openness" and encourages more and more apps for its own app market which results in diminished quality of the apps. The iOS boasts of good quality apps compared to Android market and both the stores have their own share of hits and misses.

A unique advantage with Android is related to Google’s huge list of services which are assimilated in the smartphone easily. The native Gmail app. Google Maps feature and the Google Navigation features are great enough. One can tweak some phone features if necessary. The smartphones boast of slick design and theme apps for a consistent look and feel of the apps.

But with multiple versions of Android available, there is a consistent problem of fragmentation with the operating system. Additionally, many phone manufacturers opt to have their own mobile "skins" which find a place on top of the Android platform. Only Galaxy Nexus offers a vanilla Android experience and hence the first phone to be updated with the newest OS.

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