Inside the iPad Mini - Samsung A5 processor found!

With Apple launching its first low-cost iPad, all eyes are now on Apple-Samsung rivalry since it is carrying Samsung’s own A5 chip. Apple is all ready for the holiday season with two spectacular new devices, as is always expected from the company. The new iPad (fourth) which is named iPad mini puts Apple’s device in direct competition with the low end Android tablets: Kindle, Nexus, and other Android tablets.

Apple had launched the chip Apple A5X amidst adulation and praise and with much fanfare. With the launch the company also sneaked in a new 32 nm version in both the products. Apple never reveals its secrets and most analysts are evaluating products based on technical specifications or by revealing their live experience with the device.

Because of this past behavior, many speculate Apple A5 processor to be launched secretively. There are A5 package markings which can be found in the iPad Mini which are similar to the markings seen in the fifth generation iPod.

The new foundry which Apple will have to order A5 chip for Apple devices from is thoroughly confirmed to be Samsung. Once the images of the chip are kept in a cross section, one can easily find the same gate pitch and k metal gates with a host of similarities.

Apple believes in re-use so while the board is a little different and filled with blank areas, one has the RF and baseband chips. It is not just a big iPod but a seriously well thought out foresight for the future and one will see major differences after you see the layout of the iPod. The iPad Mini is populated with the LTE version.

The Image Sensors include OmniVision which are primary and secondary sensors. It has a 5 Mp primary camera which are similar to the camera found in the 5th generation iPod touch while the 1.2 Mp secondary camera is the same as the iPad.


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