Six Brilliant iPad 2 Apps by iPad Developers

Let us have a look at six iPad 2 apps which you should have in your iPad 2:

Remote Desktop
The Remote Desktop - RDP app is extremely useful for iPad owners who have a Microsoft Windows PC. You can log into your PC directly from home and check out some office mails and documents which you must have kept pending during office hours. The performance of the app is marvelous with Wi-Fi connection and one can even use a slower connection by keeping the graphics out. This is indeed a useful time saving tool for IT administrators and network engineers.

Infinity Blade
The second on the list is the incredible Infinity Blade which makes optimum use of the mind-blowing processing (and graphics) power of the iPad 2. The iPad 2 can render the game impeccably and it is indeed an experience to play the RPG/action game which uses the Unreal Engine 3. This game gets a console level of experience with the latest iPad Apps Development.

Infinity Blade allows you to play different characters of a family while fighting with the Titans and their God King. The characters are customizable and the gameplay is terrific. This is the must-have game for all iPad owners.

Amazon launched the Kindle for reading e-books before the launch of the iPad. The Kindle e-book reader is a device smaller than the iPad and relatively cheaper too. The Kindle app allows you to buy and read books from Amazon and transforms the reading experience to that of the Kindle. One can sync books and provides a wholesome reading experience. This is the best way to get iPad 2 to behave like an e-book reader.

The iPlayer app is a good app for watching BBC programmes in high definition if you are in UK. It is good enough to watch TV shows after you miss them or to enjoy them while sitting on a journey.

There is a vast collection of shows which are available through the iPlayer so one can easily watch them after their broadcast on TV.

Epicurious is an ideal recipe app specially developed for the iPad 2. You can even create a shopping list with the help of the app. There are innumerable recipes and various cookbooks which can help you cook dishes by reading through the ingredients and the recipes. You can find a load of culinary attributes to your liking in this app.

Garage Band
The Garage Band is an extremely polished music app which presents a unique experience to a musician. One can play a range of musical instruments by making use of the multi-touch screen including the guitar and the drums. What’s more it makes playing musical instruments extremely easy to play!

There’s a default selection of loops along with eight tracks for making one’s own music and making own songs. One can add in instruments and record vocals and the end result is surprisingly powerful. It works well for musicians and those who like to have fun with music!

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