The War Between iPhone and Android Development is On!

iPhone and Android are the two most popular mobile development platforms for the developers today. Both the platforms are vying for increased success and the numero uno position.

Trends in the iPhone app development market
iPhone is extremely popular with those who have been using the iPhone and many more who cannot afford to buy it. The iPhone has always had sleek design through its various models, and the ever smooth UI never fails to attract attention. The incredible touch sense and the huge store of apps have several followers and faithful ones at that too! The demand for interesting apps is huge and iPhone developers have managed to bring about innovation in most of them too. There has been a constant demand for apps related to business, connectivity, utilities and games.

Apple developers have had to bring in many apps over the years to supply the apps as per the demand but with the recent launch of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, the demand is sky-high. iPad 2 has also pulled in demand of apps suited to the product even as development costs are growing every day.

Trends in the Android app development market
Android is a super development platform for mobile app development for developers. Those having experience as a developer in different platforms will have fun working with Android and to work out the logic of the games as well as other apps. The Android Software development kid is open to invention and an experienced developer can get started with Android apps development in an instant.

Android Development has made its foray into different domains and industries. The need is high for innovative games and utilities which can make the best possible use of the firmware and the hardware of smartphones. Since Android is open-source based, developers find it easy to get started with the whole development process. The SDK is easy enough to use for experienced coders and developers and one can start on implementing the ideas for apps too.

A Brief Comparison
In terms of ease of use, the iPhone takes the cake and scores better marks than its counterparts. Android has improved a lot in the ease-of-use perspective but the iPhone has managed to keep a fair distance from the rival to win hands down. Android phones consist of many home screens and other features which make it a little cluttered.

In terms of openness, Android is the winner since it is open source and open to all. Those users who need their platform to be open always opt for the Android since the apps maketh the phone!

iPhone also boasts of the best battery backup compared to most of the Android phones. Android phones are loaded with features that have always caused less battery life. The battery life  is lower compared to that of the iPhone. The battery performance varies over different Android phones but in an overall perspective, they are a notch lower than iPhone in terms of powerful batteries.

Both the mobile platforms support multi-tasking to different degrees of success. iPhone helps in multi-tasking without hampering the overall working of the phone with several battery enhancements.

The iPhone's software keyboard is also said to be superior to the Android's default keyboard. The iPhone is said to have better features and scope whereas it is found that Android devices cannot even search emails.

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