iPhone Web Development and the Concept of Rich Mobile Apps

iPhone is the most successful mobile ever created and the launch of the new one has made several users flock to get one in their own hands. Users increasingly turn to iPhone for the best features in iPhone App Development.

The iPhone can handle complex applications with perfect ease. Third party developers an also have a share in the pie now as the door is open for anyone to create any type of app from a simple game to a complex multi-level application leveraging the features of the iPhone. The concept of rich mobile apps and web apps has also helped users to get real-time output from their existing enterprise applications.

Apple launched the iPhone 4S with a modest upgrade over the earlier version. It has a fantastic dual-core A5 processor and also boasts of a gigabyte of RAM. The fast processor and memory now helps users to handle complex and sophisticated gaming which demand immense graphics speed.

Mobile Web Apps for the iPhone can now be accessed from your Smartphone through an in-built browser. Developers need to be sure of the type of apps that they are going to create since the apps are even specific to your operating systems and its version. Additionally, one needs to choose the right deployment option which also depends on the user base and also the cost savings involved. The time to market, simplicity of the app and its maintenance requirements are also of pivotal importance. Rich mobile apps are usually rated high on Usability while there are many mobile web apps which are rated high on scalability and flexibility.

Rich mobile apps are found to be quite slow for time to market and the development cost is high too. One should determine the priorities first and then select the relevant deployment option. One should also be decisive whether it is better to buy a mobile app or build it internally. By building it internally, one would only be building to one’s requirements. Customizations and maintenance can be done at will since you control the code. But the resultant time to market for that mobile app will be high compared to any iphone web app purchased off the shelf.

There is also a tremendous need to identify the ROI involved in the iPhone application development initiative. On the benefits side, one also needs to account for both tangible and intangible returns like incremental revenue, repeat business, reduced sales cycle improved customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

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