Advantages of an iPhone 4S compared to an iPhone 4

Featuring a similar A5 dual-core processor resembling like its predecessor, Apple’s iPhone 4S is two times faster than iPhone 4. With the iOS 5.1 platform, new features have been integrated in the phone including motion gaming, camera resolution and flash control along with language translators. The graphics processor is tremendously faster than iPhone 4. The grand 8MP camera is a great high resolution camera which can click crystal clear photos. It features a useful illumination sensor and a damn good infrared filter for better color rendering. What’s more, you can shoot HD videos at 1080p. One of the best features of the phone, Siri is iPhone’s own pre-installed digital personal assistant which relies on Artificial intelligence and its ultra-modern voice recognition feature. It has the best voice command technology in the market and understands plain language incredibly well while also having smart access to online database info.

iPhone App Development, With iOS 5.1 featuring in iPhone 4S, one can even opt for dual antenna for better call clarity. The store has apps in the app store which are compatible to iOS 5 or higher. It is Apple’s stringent app-quality which has resulted in quality tested 500,000+ apps in the App store.

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