iPhone vs. Android: The Real Showdown!

One can evaluate and assess Android and iOS with different angles but neither perspective will be wholly right. One can evaluate them with the average user perspective. Let’s start measuring both the mobile platforms with features which we care about the most. In terms of ease of use, most of the users will agree that iPhone  takes the cake. Android has come a long way and has improved a lot but from the ease-of-use perspective, the iPhone wins hands down. Android phones consist of too many buttons and home screens too.

iPhone has the best battery compared to the Android phones. Most Android devices get lots of features and that is why the battery life is lower compared to the iPhone. Android phones vary in terms of battery performance but overall they are a notch lower than the iPhone Development here.

iPhone’s notification center is a bit clumsy compared to the Android’s list of notifications. But in terms of voice to text feature, the odds are slightly in favor of the iPhone since with the new Siri, the feature works much better than any of its counterparts. iPhones are surprisingly old-fashioned when it comes to syncing and it requires the users to plug in and connect to iTunes that should have been done wirelessly. Android phones have a fantastic Google syncing capability so much so that it continues to work even if you change or lose your old smartphone.

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