Ten Tips for Effective iPhone Game Development

Here are some tips which one can integrate within their iPhone game development process:

  • Using the location-based discount feature, one can offer special pricing for those who are buying the app from a specific location. With the “directions” feature, you can even guide them to the location, no matter where they are, at present. Get them to contact you, at will. This is a good strategy to attract people to buy your gaming apps.
  • Create Special Promotions to get more sales by developing an in-app system that discounts the gamers who play the game more often. Special deals and discounts will attract passionate gamers while driving your sales upward.
  • Provide massive value to the user by developing a useful gaming app and also invest significant money for online marketing purposes.
  • Partner with LivingSocial-type social sites and Facebook Places to drive traffic.
  • Create a gaming app which also solves a problem thus providing entertainment and value for money. Even joke apps and entertainment apps provide value to people.
  • Encourage mobile payments for the games that you are selling. The payment method will be unique and drive users to try it out.
  • Social media engagement is pivotal for building up real-time interaction if your game is a live-action game or an adventure game. Start playing right from Facebook accounts and into the mobile.
  • Create a real community to expand your fan base. Allow them to interact freely and bring out new games and events for spreading the word about your interactive game.
  • One can create an additional app which would give your game users the power to have a sort of advantage at a certain place like McDonald’s or Starbucks.
  • One of the most important tips is here. Just prepare for the worst and learn from your failure to bring out a better gaming app the next time around. iPhone Application Development is not particularly easy for everybody.
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