Android: The Leader in its Own Right!

Android-based smartphones and its apps have increased considerably with the latest platform version being Ice Cream Sandwich which is version 4.0. The number of games and utilities along with business apps has reached sky high and more are coming every day. This is evident from the fact that the market has grown at the rate of 32 percent every month while there are dozens of mobiles and gadgets coming up for getting launched every two months. With the popularity of smartphones in the Android platform, especially the Motorola Droid, Samsung SII, and other apps along with it’s incredibly smooth operating system.

There are various companies related to mobile development and Android technology. Using the latest Android Development technologies the Android Developers are expected to create innovative and useful apps which can lead to a surge of Android apps.

Why is there a need for Android application development?
Some of the main reasons why Android is a preferred mobile development platform:
  • It is an open source mobile platform which tries to understand clientele needs.
  • Performance stability and security is enhanced due to the nature of the Linux kernel. The kernel enables smooth operation and less hassles in development of apps
  • The porting of different Android applications changes too
  • The investment is too low for setting up Android SDK required for creating an application.
  • Android is based on Linux which facilitates smooth accessibility to a rich development environment.
  • Swift information and accurate trainings
  • Easy to use developer tools
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