The iPhone App Development Process and Steps to become Successful!

Although the iPhone has iOS as its operating system and the programming resembles app development for Mac, the purpose and the design approach are considerably different. The iPhone touch screens are compact enough and the developers are able to create organized and focused user applications with a simple and easy UI.

Developers are increasingly creating applications which are useful and practical but the effort involves 100 hours of dedication and nearly 2,000 lines of code. Objective C or Cocoa is used for development purposes. If an iPhone application developer strikes on a good idea, free time to spend and a simple Mac computer, different innovative applications can be created for the iPhone Developers get an excellent platform to start their career in iPhone website development.

Developers opt to distribute applications as freeware or even for purchase depending on their choice. With the purchases, more than 70 percent of the revenue is assigned to the developer while Apple receives the rest. The developers who are new to the field are required to download the SDK and also pay some fees for becoming an expert developer. There is much of outsourcing going on in the field and amateur developers have a bright career ahead in this regard.

Here are some of the tips to becoming a successful iPhone app developer. First and foremost, buy a Mac with an Intel-based processor and running at least the Leopard version of MacOS X. Good portable Macs are welcome too. The Macs must be easy to move round, and developers should be able to take them anywhere.

Downloading of the SDK is the next step. The kit includes the development environment Xcode, the iPhone Simulator which would be required for testing, performance analyzers, different user interface builders and a reference library.

If you are not aware of the development language Objective C, learn it. It is basically an extension to C and has object-oriented principles and other scripting elements to it so it would be easier for anyone with programming experience to adjust to it.

Objective C is said to be simple and manages to hide the complexities of hardware. Moreover it also deals with the major cause of programming issues which include memory leaks. If one is well versed with Objective C then the learning curve is a lot straighter and one needs to understand the APIs of the iPhone. Take cue from a beginner’s book and start with the Dummies series. Learn the free tutorials online.

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