Airplay SDK Development - A Cross-Platform Revolution Is Here!

Marmalade is a breakthrough innovation which makes software which helps developers of different applications and different platforms to quickly and easily distribute apps to each other. This true cross-platform technology boasts of great performance and incredible portability within the domain of an open development environment which is flexible and offers unlimited options.

Ideaworks Game Studio has a long history of innovation since 1998. The company has extensive experience about porting games from different sources and brings it to its own Airplay SDK, which can then be deployed on multiple mobile platforms and handheld devices. The studio’s development pipeline has always managed to extend their core Airplay technology for different formats, even for gaming support like PS2. More extensibility is in plans with development support for a plethora of console based formats including Xbox Live Arcade, and Nintendo’s WiiWare.

Tens of thousands of world’s best software professionals and astute developers utilized Airplay SDK 4.4 version and Marmalade for the development tasks for cross-platform applications. The companies who make use of the software include EA, Konami, Samsung, LG, Korea Telecom, ARM, RoadPilot and NaturalMotion and many others who believe that Airplay SDK development is crucial for making the best and the richest cross-platform apps possible. Success in one platform guarantees success in multiple platforms especially if the handsets are versatile with their processor and speed.

Marmalade has a distinction of working with the best names in the mobile app development domain. Ideaworks also has a distinctive partner program where leading middleware, tools and comprehensive service providers choose to partner with Marmalade and the Airplay SDK legacy.

There is a well-structured Partners Program so that mobile app developers who are partners can go about the integration process smoothly. With partnership, there are multiple benefits involved too. Following the legacy of Airplay SDK development, the latest Marmalade is an open platform which works easily with the best open source modules. There are hundreds of key publishers, adept developers, and OEMs involved with partnerships. More and more applications are made available in the open market supporting a slew of mobile devices and platforms.

A developer or a company can take maximum and optimum advantage of Ideaworks Airplay SDK development tools and services. It is easy then to port an application on multiple platforms and new devices with minimal effort.
Strategic partnerships between OEMs and Ideaworks Marmalade open a door of benefits for developers and the like. Marmalade developers can opt for making apps for a new device with the help of Airplay SDK development.

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