Windows CE - Illustrious Member of the Microsoft Family!

Windows CE, as some analysts say, actually stands for "Windows Consumer Electronics" even though Microsoft has not given out the meaning of the abbreviation. This OS is part of different brands of handheld computers and is even part of some cable TV set-top boxes. it is like a full-scale Windows system and involves multitasking and multithreading.

Microsoft mentioned that Windows CE system made use of most of Windows architectural concepts as well as latest interfaces. This makes it users will find that products with Windows Consumer Electronics provide a familiar user interface.

Windows Consumer Electronics was previously called as Windows Embedded CE and is a very distinct operating system and also a kernel and not a mini-Windows OS. Other than handheld computers, it is also the OS for Auto PC, which is used for controlling applications which includes radio channels and features interactive speech technology.

Microsoft has licensed its OS to OEMs and makers of handheld devices for creating applications for the same. The OEMs and device makers can also create their own user interfaces while Windows CE will give the sound technical foundation that they need.

The current version of Windows CE supports the MIPS, and latest ARM processors. With the 6.0 version, it has now ventured towards the desktop OS format. The processes can now take up about 1 GB of address space and about 32K processes can be run simultaneously. More than 2600 processes have been run and tested by Microsoft on a simultaneous basis. Even process switching is similar to desktop switching wherein absolutely fresh page tables are created for a new process.

Microsoft has brought in a plethora of technologies and stuffed it in Windows CE 6.0 which packs in much more than the 5.0 version. Nowadays, Microsoft has also renamed Windows Consumer Electronics and rechristened it as Windows embedded. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Windows CE 6.0 is an absolute OEM darling which brings in many features and security attributes to the table.

There are umpteen enhancements which boost up the overall "Windows Consumer Electronics" performance. These enhancements include the moving of important system files like filesys.exe, device.exe etc from the main section to the kernel. OEMs now have a very important update for OAL feature that will be introduced by the company on a time-to-time basis. To sort out the bugs and fix them, the OEMs do not have to recreate images and can update OAL anytime and anywhere. Windows Consumer Electronics has certainly lived upto its hype although nothing particular can be said about its future!

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