Interesting Facts related to iPad App Development

The launch of iPad has revolutionized the mobile industry and many companies are riding the wave of iPad app development with highly successful iPad apps. iPads offer a huge advantage with the iOS platform because of the incredible features and the sleek design.

iPad looks stunning with its 9.7 inch High Definition (HD) touch screen which offers a perfect display platform for applications. Many companies are vying to take the iPad experience to the next level by delivering innovative iPad development solutions.

With an expert development team which takes care of various iPad development needs, many companies are creating iPad applications in various domains and specific areas:

  • Electronic book publishing
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Health and disease
  • Trading
  • Distance learning education
  • Multimedia
  • Maps and GPS Navigation
  • Social Networks

Here are some of the apps which are preferred all over the world on an iPad

Dropbox allows you to sync various items between devices and on an iPad it is the only file system. You can save, export and manage files and also maintain versions.

MindNode is a good outliner for organized behavior. It shows how intuitive an iPad program runs ideally. The app works on an iPhone as well as on a desktop.

Desktop Connect
Desktop Connect helps to get connected to the desktop and treats the iPad’s screen like a large trackpad.

This is a good FTP program which helps to manage your files with efficiency. FTP on the go gives top- notch FTP tools. It also allows you to edit and preview files. There’s a built in web browser too while you can easily resize images or even crop them.


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