The Current Market of iPhone and Android Surging Ahead!

iPhone is one of the best tech wonders of the world because of its features and ability to create greatness out of the routine. It is easy to manage content, play smart music options, shoot with a better camera than its counterparts and work on the best UI around.

The iPhone is very well built and the most innovative apps reside in the App Store for iPhone users to make the most of the features. iPhone application development has ravaged the market with diverse set of applications especially great business apps and easy to use entertaining games. There are millions of users in the iPhone market and it is a craze worldwide to be an iPhone user. One can create output through enterprise apps in real-time which helps in integration with external third-party systems. One can easily interact with the ERP especially if he or she is an authenticated user. One can even transact remotely. There are various iPhone developer who have managed to enhance their skills with experience and the resultant apps in recent times have huge quality and innovation embedded in them. There are various utilities which are offered in recent times too.

Apple‘s App Store is just becoming larger than ever with a huge inflow of apps day in and day out. With the advent of new iPads, the latest being iPad 3, there are many apps which are perfect for the features offered. They capitalize well with the latest tweaks of the iPad 3 and this has made it possible for developers to respond to the demand and most have been delivered too!

One can say that the new Siri is efficiently working as the intelligent assistant and with iOS 6 expected to arrive in a month or two or maybe later, there are changes which might improve its working drastically which can help you manage tasks efficiently. The iPhone boasts of best in class location-based alerts and a drastically superior notification center than any of the smartphone platform offerings. There are enhanced Mail features which are perfect for every business along with a comprehensive Calendar which has inbuilt reminders and the seamless, efficient Safari browser. The iPhone can be synced easily with a PC or a laptop even with an online account.

At the same time, Android is making the right waves with the newest entrant Android 4.0, the IceCream Sandwich version which is now available in tablets too. Android 3.0, known as Honeycomb is also compatible with the previously launched Android-powered tablets.

The Icecream Sandwich is a great improvement over the Honeycomb version and boasts of a large number of features including with a better memory and better utilization of Android smartphone features and functions. The Android phone can now boast of even better smooth and seamless transitions and you can witness that in the latest ones: the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note which house the new version quite well.

The Android applications have increased their number in the store and the new apps are thoroughly advanced and powerful laced with multiple features. With a variety of smartphones in its arsenal, Android has a huge scope for innovation. One can even work around mobile app development to get tailored apps for both iOS and Android platforms if one needs a perfect fit the for the needs of a business.

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